About our photography

Photography has been our obsession for over two decades. The sweet mixture of art and science, tempered with passion, make this a very rewarding career.

Whether it is watching and waiting for the perfect action shot during a sporting event, framing colourful fireworks over the Bluewater Bridge or capturing the gleam of excitement and hope in a new bride's eye, Metcalfe is the name you can trust.

Come to us with your ideas and your needs and we'll work together to help write your story with our cameras. We look forward to hearing from you!

They're the best there is, for sure. We're lucky to have them doing our photos...they put the same amount of effort and care into shooting kid's sports as they do junior hockey. They're the nicest people and they really bend over backwards to do their best for you.�

Stacey Brown of Mooretown Minor Hockey and Brigden Baseball.

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